Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Remodeling your home can be a very stressful time but also an incredibly rewarding experience. If you're also living in your home during the remodeling it can make it a little tougher, although it's easier to work around some rooms than others. Our family was in complete chaos when we decided to remodel our bathroom. We had many creative bathroom decorating ideas at the beginning of the project, but towards the end of the remodeling we ended up just wanting the project completed. It reached there point where we just wanted four walls and a door so that we could have our second bathroom back!

In most homes the bathroom area is a very busy place in the mornings. Our home has a full bath in the master bedroom along with a full bathroom in the hallway that our children share. There is also a half bath off the entrance to our home for guests. We decided to remodel the children's bathroom in the hallway so that it had more storage space and was easier to keep clean. I had been looking at bathroom decorating ideas for the last couple of years. Every couple of months I would come across a new idea that seemed to suit better than the others. We also used going to open houses of homes that are of similar design to ours as a source of bathroom decorating ideas.

After what seemed like years of talking about remodeling we eventually hired a contractor to complete the project. He came around one evening to measure the space and hear about what we wanted to accomplish with the remodeling. The bathroom is a standard bathtub/shower combination with a single sink vanity and a toilet. There was also a linen cabinet that did not have enough shelving so the towels were never organized. I showed the contractor the many bathroom decorating ideas that I had come up with and told him that I wanted the tub/shower combination replaced with a corner shower. Our children hardly ever take baths and if they ever wanted to we have a full bathtub in our room. I also wanted the toilet replaced with a higher Handicap toilet so when our aging parents visit it is easier for them to use the bathroom. I also wanted the linen cabinet enlarged into the space where the tub was. The contractor gave us the measurements that we were working with and advised us to go to a home improvement store and pick out the things that we wanted. Not long after he began ripping out the old fixtures he fell and broke his leg in a hunting accident. The project ended up taking four months longer than we had originally planned. The bathroom turned out great, and I do not know how my parents dealt with all of us sharing a bathroom when we were growing up. By the end of the project we would have accepted any finished results, just to get the kids out of our bathroom.