Selecting a Good Bathroom Floor Tile

When it comes to renovating homes many people opt to do it themselves. Usually the bathroom is one of the first projects undertaken and for good reason. Newer bathrooms boasting cutting edge amenities increase the value of the home significantly. Details can be as important as the amenities, so even the bathroom floor tile should be considered carefully.

There are several things to consider when renovating a bathing area. One of the most important things is the bathroom floor tile. There are tons of options to think through when dealing with this kind of product. Knowing about every option and factoring the cost, the time it takes to install the product and level of difficulty of installation can make the difference between a pleasant renovation experience and a complete nightmare.

One option is to install hard-surface bathroom floor tile. There are several types to choose of this kind of flooring and ceramic is the one of the most popular choices. Ceramic is strong and it is remarkably water resistant as well. This product is available in a plethora of colors and styles so you can really be creative with this material.

Porcelain tiles are also quite popular. This product is made by a method called dust pressing. They are solid and water-resistant and have different types of finishes: a high gloss finish, a mat finish or you can choose unfinished porcelain bathroom floor tile as well.

Another popular option among homeowners is natural stone such as granite or marble. Bathroom floor tile made from natural stone materials are beautiful but can very heavy and costly as well. They can be used for commercial projects as well as home improvement. Some families are looking to pressed stone, or Quarry, for a more affordable option.

The main thing to consider with the hard-surface bathroom floor tile options is the level of difficulty for self-installation. Depending on whether you have prior experience or not, the process can sometimes be difficult and costly. In addition to buying the tiles you will also need to buy mortar, tile spacers, grout, grout sealer and caulk. Installation can be challenging, messy and time consuming.

However, people choose to use bathroom floor tile for their renovations for good reason. They are durable and they will last a long time. Vinyl flooring may be cheaper and a little easier to install but the results won’t be nearly as impressive and you may find yourself replacing the flooring in no time at all. When it comes to renovations, quality bathroom floor tile is the best option.