The Importance of Bathroom Window Treatments

It makes sense that your bathroom require a little more privacy than the other rooms in your home. If you have windows in this room you definitely want to add some kind of bathroom window treatment to keep the area private. It sounds like a no-brainer but sometimes finding the right product for this particular room can pose some challenges.

Windows can pop up anywhere in some homes. I was amazed to find a window in my shower! That's because the original design of the room was built around an old claw foot tub that had no shower aside from a shower head attachment on a faucet that had been installed later. The bathroom window treatments were hung well above the level of the tub in the room's original design.

Over the years the room was renovated, which may have been great for the owners at the time but I would have preferred the old tub. The new unit had been installed around the window. I don't understand why the owners didn't cover the window. From the installation of the tub and shower unit on the bathroom window treatments would never be the same.

The major problem with this design is that the water from the shower hits the frame and bathroom window treatments. The wood trim is growing mold and the bathroom window treatments need to be replaced on a failry regular basis, so we really have to do something with this particular area.

The trouble with the renovation is that we would be ruining a fairly new bath and shower unit. However, right now that doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. I just wish that I could get my hands on the claw foot tub and reinstall it, then the bathroom window treatments could hang comfortably above the tub as they had previously.

Right now the only bathroom window treatments we have for the area are cheap blinds that seem to be water resistant. They really are not but they are better than nothing at all. When I change my shower curtain I also have to change my bathroom window treatments.

This whole experience has given me a new perspective on bath décor. I find myself browsing through bathroom window treatments and I have a new appreciation for these items that usually went unnoticed. One of the most important aspects of our impending bath renovation project will be finding really nice and good quality bathroom window treatments.