The 3 Best Places To Find Ideas For Bedrooms

A couple of months ago I decided that I was sick of my bedroom - it's had the same look and layout for the last 2 years! It was time to change things around a bit, but I wasn't too sure where to start. I knew what I didn't like, but not what I wanted, so I decided to find out what other people's ideas for bedrooms were.

It sounds like an unusual place to start, but the first place I thought of looking was the television. Strange? Well, yes, but if you think about the number of rennovation and decorating programs there are these days, it seems kind of obvious. Even free-to-air TV has decorating programs and most of these have at least one or two ideas for bedrooms per show. Even if you can't find a decorating show another good source is all the regular TV programs - how many shows take you through the characters bedrooms? Heaps. I found plenty of ideas for bedrooms while simply watching TV.

Naturally, the next great source along the way was all those print publications. I don't subscribe to any of those home and garden type magazines, but my local library has all the latest issues. I borrowed about 3 or 4 home and interior design magazines and headed home. They are an absolute goldmine of ideas for bedrooms! Each issue had me writing down at least 5 or 6 ideas, in fact after reading them all, I think I had too many. One of the issues was even a special edition focusing on ideas for bedrooms. How lucky was that?

At this stage I thought I probably had enough ideas for bedrooms, but I like to make sure I've covered all bases before I get into something. My last stop was obviously the internet. Sure, there are plenty of websites that will tell you what they think works and what doesn't, but I was more interested in the average Joe's ideas for bedrooms. I spent quite a lot of time searching Google for ideas for bedrooms and reading through various people's success (and failure) stories.

In the end I found that it is very much a personal thing. You need to decide what is best for your own space and tastes, but I found it a lot easier to collect other people's ideas for bedrooms and then slowly throw away the ideas that didn't suit me. What I ended up with was a bedroom that I'm extremely happy with, a place that I'm really proud of and can't wait to spend time in.