Our Top 10 Half Bath Decorating Ideas

Most half baths have only two fixtures to accommodate making minimum dimensions surprisingly compact. You can fit a sink and a toilet into less than 20 square feet and still meet building codes. Because half baths don't require much storage and natural light is not usually a priority half baths practically design themselves. That said, here are 10 of the best half bath decorating ideas we have come across.

  1. Choose a location easily accessible from the main entertaining areas, but avoid plumbing a wall shared with the dining or living room because the added noise could become a nuisance.

  2. The half bath room needs venting and piping behind the walls and under the floor—which can get very expensive if the bathroom floor is far from the main drain line or stack. You can save on costs by locating it adjacent to plumbing lines, to tap into existing water and waste system.

  3. Remember to consider the door swing. Ideally it opens in so as not to impede traffic flow at the bath entrance. In really tight spaces the door may have to open out, or try installing a pocket door that slides into the wall when open.

  4. A minimum of 7 feet for should be allowed for headroom. To make the half bath space feel proportionate you may want to lower a very high ceiling.

  5. Place the toilet under the lowest point in a half bath under the stairs.

  6. Don't forget electrical outlets for lighting and, perhaps, an exhaust fan for ventilation and white noise.

  7. An attractive way to display tissues and hand towels is by adding a freestanding table near the sink.

  8. Proper lighting placement is key, since many half bath rooms lack natural light.

  9. It's good to add overhead ambient light, in the form of a pendant lamp or chandelier, or even perhaps a skylight to brighten the room during the day.

  10. You can add the ability to modulate lighting glow in the evening by putting light sources on dimmers.

  11. You can make a small room feel more spacious by installing a pocket door or installing floor tile diagonally.

So there you go; ten great half bath decorating ideas. For more half bath decorating ideas talk to the helpful folk at your local DIY center and be sure to make the most of the internet.