Contemporary Half Bath Ideas For Your Home

The name half bath comes from the room of convenience being literally half a full sized bathroom. Often located near the entrance of your home, the room is often too small for anything other than a sink, and a toilet. Head space can also be limited if the room is positioned under your stair way.

The half bath allows guests to make use of your facilities without having to venture up your stairs to where your sleeping quarters are. They are also very handy when you have small children in the home. You can keep the room free from clutter and add some nice accessories to make your guests feel comfortable and admire the space.

Having a small guest room or powder room is a much sought after room in any property. There is no need to make it boring simply because of the size. Here are a few half bath ideas to help you make your tiny room into a welcoming little space for all your guests.

Many houses are embracing contemporary, sleek designs. The key to modern design is to keep things simple. There are some very attractive glass sinks available now which look fantastic with classic chrome taps and piping. Match this with a modern pedestal toilet and consider a chrome towel heater to add that extra bit of ‘je ne se quos’.

Keep the towels plain and rich in cotton content. Add flush to the ceiling spot lights to finish the feel of the room. Keep the walls white and just add a mirror with plain straight lines.

If you fancy something different then why not opt for a classic Grecian design. Choose a marble style tiled flooring to add a luxurious feel. There are many elegant white sinks and toilets available, and finish them off with brass taps and pipe work.

A large mirror will look flamboyant and elegant and really add to the atmosphere of your half bath. Green plants and topiary can finish off your idea nicely and add to the authenticity, if you have room for them.

If you love watching period dramas then your smallest room could become homage to the Victorian era. Choose very traditional bathroom pieces, and accessories with rich mahogany wood. A classic framed piece of art on the wall will look fabulous opposite a small mirror. If you have room on a windowsill consider placing some china. Some potpourri placed in tea cups sat on saucers can add a bit of fun and quirkiness to your Victorian theme. Visit local antique auctions for an authentic Victorian chandelier if you have the head space.

It is a fun idea to really make your tiniest room stand out and really go to town with your decorating ideas. Your half bath can become a talking point for visitors to your home, and a chance for you to express your creative side. It can be quite daunting and expensive to decorate larger spaces in specific themes. This is why the guest room is perfect for something a little bit different.