How Many Kitchen Sinks Do You Need?

Whether remodeling an existing kitchen or designing a new kitchen for a new home, there are so many things you need to consider. People that tend to do a great deal of cooking naturally seem to design the most efficient kitchens. Lately I have been visiting open homes, both newly built and recently remodeled and restored homes, to get some fresh ideas for remodeling.

We are planning to remodel our own kitchen, so I was really keen to see some of the ideas other people have come up with before finalizing any of our plans. Something that stood out for me in all the kitchens I saw was the variations in uses of kitchen sinks. One of the open homes we saw featured a deeper sink, instead of having the standard size sinks. I could see this being great for washing pots and pans. These deeper kitchen sinks also give you the ability to hand wash clothing as well as hot water baths for canning. After seeing this, I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate one of these deeper kitchen sinks into our remodeling plans.

Another feature that appealed to me in one of the open homes was the use of a narrow pull out pantry. The kitchen had a narrow space between the fridge and a wall which was used to build a cabinet front that matched the other cabinets in the kitchen. Pulling the handles rolled out a full shelf that had storage for canned goods and other food. The cabinet ran from floor to ceiling and was separated into two roll out storage areas, which is a very efficient use for what ordinarily would be dead space in a kitchen.

Having additional kitchen sinks by the cook top is another feature that I really like. Unfortunately for us this is currently outside our budget, but I'm trying to plan to put enough space next to the cook top so that further down the track we can add the extra kitchen sinks.

Seeing the features of the kitchens, such as the kitchen sinks, in person was far more beneficial for me. I find it a lot easier to understand and implement ideas by seeing them, rather than having them explained to me through illustrative sketches or photos. We have now adjusted our remodeling plans and have incorporated many of the features we saw at the different open homes into them.